renee Kornkowski, M.D.

Dr. Renee Koronkowski is a board certified psychiatrist licensed in the States of Minnesota and Wisconsin in private practice with an office location in the Northern Suburbs of the Twin Cities.  She believes in a holistic approach to achieving wellness incorporating mind, body, and spirit to assist a patient in finding their own healing path.  Her goal is to help each person discover what they need to recover and bring out their true essence.

Acheiving Wellness

With 17 years of experience as an adult psychiatrist, Dr. Koronkowski is well trained and very knowledgeable in traditional psychiatric practice including medication management,  psychotherapy and comprehensive assessments.  Click below for more information.

For greatest balance, health and fulfilment, the whole health care approach takes into account multiple levels of an individual to assess the root cause of an illness, often a deep injury traditional medicine does not have the tools to probe.  Click below for more information.

There are times in life when circumstances change and, what once worked, no longer does.  Dr. Koronkowski is experienced in comprehensive evaluations for disability.  Click below for additional information.