Why Choose Dr. K's Comprehensive Ways?

Do you feel your medical provider does not have enough time to really listen to you?  Are you tired of feeling like you are just another number?  Have you been to numerous doctors, specialists and therapists to try and understand what is going on with your mind, body and spirit? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, choosing Dr. K's Comprehensive Ways may be the cure for what ails you!  As a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Certified graduate of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, I will spend time really listening to you so I can get to know you as a whole person in addition to learning about your symptoms.  Together we will uncover the underlying problem and develop a comprehensive health plan using the 6 steps to Healing as outlined in Lissa Rankin's Mind Over Medicine, Scientific Proof that You Can Heal Yourself. 


I am committed to building a relationship with you in order to empower you to take control of your health, expanding beyond traditional medicine and allowing your innate understanding of yourself to guide you to wellness.  Please email me at Dr.K@comprehensiveways.com to set up an appointment.